Thursday, June 5, 2008

This Pregnancy Thing

Dear God,

When I asked for this, I had no idea what exactly it was I was asking for. I always knew I wanted to be a mother, but at that time I guess I never really weighted the situation for what it is. How could I? I had never been here before, I mean the miscarriages never gave me what I'm getting now. The feeling of life inside me. Wow
There are no way for you to understand this feeling if you have not been here yourself.I think I started feeling funny maybe 3wks into conception. I knew that there was something terribly wrong, which has turned into something terribly right. It is the most beautiful experience I have ever had the pleasure of having. Yet it also brought me misery. Kind of a catch 22 type situation. Even still in my miserable state, I can not help but feel immensely happy.Sometimes I wonder is my experience that much more to me because I have experienced miscarriage before and now I'm just awe struck with this miracle happening inside of me. Either way it is truly a blessing to be going where I am going, and to know that there is no turning back from this, life is changing and I am going along willing for this ride is incredible. Ok now I think I'm just babbling. I am excited. The baby's arrival is getting closer and closer, and with every movement I am able to see as well as feel, my excitement grows all the more. So excuse me while I express my love, my happiness, my gratitude, my wide eyed moment of joy, in a way that most will not understand but I'm sure there are some who truly do know what I mean when I say there is something about this pregnancy thing.

This Pregnancy Thing ( the poem )
there is something to be said for this pregnancy thing

the ups and downs it tends to bring

my fat ankles and wobbly walking

silly cravings and off the hook mood swings

there is DEFINITELY something to be said for this pregnancy thing

the journey thus far has been so interesting

I can only imagine what the next 3 months will bring

more than reading books and rubbing my belly while I sing

AAAAAH yes there IS something to be said for this pregnancy thing

but if you have not experienced it then there is no understanding

the SOMETHING behind this pregnancy thing

© His_Baby_Mama 2008

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