Monday, August 4, 2008

This thing called Trust.

Dear God,

When does it end? Don't smile at me and act like you don't know that I'm talking about learning to trust you. Just when you think you have something mastered here you come to show me I don't know shit. This Trust thing, I wonder sometimes will I ever master it. I mean here I am learning to trust you with my own life and now I have a new life coming in and I have to add her in and learn to trust you with her as well. You're messing me up God. Stop throwing me off my square! I know, I have no right to make demands of you, ( as if you are taking them into account anyway ) but God..come on a sista out.


I stepped out and watched my foot sink into the muddy water.
Below the surface my foot, totally submerged.
To turn and run away to hide, I was on the verge.
But there you stood, with your arms out wide
your hands open to me and a smile on your face.
Urging me to move forward and continue in this race.
I've been sidetracked for too long and I need to move along.
Consumed by my guilt and held back by my wrongs.
Trust you, the same words you always say to me
Just as soon as I complete one journey another one begins
I guess this thing called trust will never ever end.

© His_Baby_Mama 2008

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